Blade is an assasian, he lives in the desert of despair. He is an independent contracter, killing anyone that he is payed to kill. Blade can often seem heartless at times, but is more sensitive then meets the eye. Blade is often seen wearing a cloak, making it hard to see his face.

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Name: Blade (No last name)

Occupation: Independant assasian

Home lands: Desert of despair

Personality: Blade Does not show emotion to anyone, he seems cold and heartless, but once he starts to get to know you, He becomes very friendly and open, sharing anything That he feels strongly about.

Blade is very thoughtful about most things, even when they are striaght forward, and need no thoughts. He cherishes every friendship he has, nowing that he may not ever find another one, nor has he had many friends in his life.

History: When blade was a child, His village was attacked by a large horde of evil monsters and people. His parents and everyone he knew was killed, and his village was burned to the ground. He has vowed to spend the rest of his life hunting down the people how destroyed his village, and fight evil.

He now does contracts to make a living, while hunting down evil.

He meets RougeMaster, which is actaully herobrine, but he doesnt know this. RougeMaster says he is giving him contracts to kill evil. But they are auctauly enemys of Steve (Shacho), his brother.

Weapon of choice: Assians needle(5 foot long needles that wiegh about twenty pounds, capable of going through wooden walls, and similiar materials when thrown.)

Secondary weapon: Assians blade(Same as needle)