Eyan (Ingame)
"Hey! S-stop that!" - Eyan









Weapon(s) of Choice

Bow & Arrows




Anyone who has sued him for property damage.


A large summer home, on a beach.


Science, building.

Common Quote(s)

"Whoops!" (Accidents)

"Oh god..." (When receiving bad news.)

Eyan, a scientist, has caused many problems for his friends. For example, he and Shov'Kiin camped out one time. He blew his tent up with a stick and a fire. And I said blew up, not burned. This lead to Shov'Kiin's tent being nearly destroyed. As you can see, he's probably crazy.


Name: Eyan Johnyr

Current Location: His hidden lab.

Occupation(s): Scientist and Builder

Personality: Though Eyan is a mad scientist, he's a good friend. He constantly wears a lab coat, and in fact has an entire storage-room just for them. Of course, he built it himself. He constantly causes downfall over his friends both unintentionally and intentionally. However, it's usually unintentionally, like the time when he turned Shov'Kiin into a fly. And that other time he turned him into a rock. Most of the downfall is directed towards Shov'Kiin.

'Backstory': As a young child, Eyan would constantly experiment, once accidently blowing his house up with TNT. Despite this, he kept at it, and even got sued by his neighbors, the government, and even a creeper. His family were rich, you see. They could afford it. It didn't really bother them. He was also once taken away. Blew his way out with TNT. Eventually, in high school, he had burned the school down when his teacher was a jerk. Eventually, he became an outlaw in his city for his acts of revenge. Thing is, he just built himself a summer home, and lived there ever since. Funny thing is, he's never blown or burned his summer home to pieces.


  • I was inspired to download the skin that currently represents Ryan by Duncan of the Yogscast. Y'know, always wears a lab coat, has goggles.
    • I'm assuming the skin represents a guy, by the way.
  • Whenever I play Tekkit/Technic, I use Eyan's skin, or when wanting to play as Shov'Kiin as apart of his secret organization called, "Shov'Kiin Ops".