Shov'Kiin (Ingame)
"Good for you!" ~Shov'Kiin


46 (Dwarven Years)







Weapon of Choice

Dwarven Pickaxe

Axe (If he doesn't have a diamond pickaxe, which he usually does)


John Hiss, Blade (Technically), Nathov, Alicia


Most Non-Humans/Dwarves/Elves/Etc.


Envis Mountain


Mineing, Fighting, Arguing, Building Mounds

Common Quotes

Warcry - "For Envirous!"

Reply - "Good for you!"

Shov'Kiin is a dwarf of the Envis Mountain. He is a savage fighter, and commonly argues with his friends and allies. Despite this, he is a good person to have as a friend.


Name: Shov'Kiin Bloodshield

Current Location: Envis Mountain

Occupation: Warrior and Miner

Personality: Shov'Kiin is a warrior who, like said above, disagrees with things most of the time, even if they will work. This proves that he is very dim-witted. He usually charges into battle, with one thing in mind; winning. Despite he usually doesn't have a plan, it actually works, seeing how Minecraft doesn't have hard combat. He also vows to use axes if he doesn't have a diamond pickaxe to fight with.

Background: When Shov'Kiin was just a boy, he looked up to the warriors of Envis. He told his parents this. His mother wanted him to become a miner like her, though, and disaproved of his idea. His father, being a warrior himself, told his wife that their son can decide what he wants to do with life. This lead to a long argument about what job was better. Eventually, they told him that he'll just have to wait for their descision before he becomes a warrior.

When he was old enough to become both, he asked his parent their descision. They told him to choose whichever you want. He didn't want to let his mother down though, so he became a miner and an adventuring warrior. On his adventures, he vowed to his people he would mine whatever ores he came across and bring them back.

Current Location: Envis mountain, hence he hasn't headed out yet.


  • Shov'Kiin's hair is blue because it is one of Race6000's favorite color.
    • However, it no longer is his favorite-favorite. That role is taken by cyan/teal.
  • Shov'Kiin uses axes instead of iron/wood/stone pickaxes until he has a diamond one so that his pickaxes have durrability for mineing. It's unknown why he doesn't just use a sword.


This page is STILL not finished, but gives most information about him now. I plan on adding a history section that, if you want to read it, gives a more detailed version of his backstory, and will list any RP related things, and more if needed.